"Dear Jill,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love your Gold N SPF sunscreen. First of all it smells wonderful, second it is good for my skin, but most amazing after all of that is how well it worked for me. I used it in Hawaii where the sun is really strong. I applied it all over but missed a spot on one calf. The calf got burnt but the rest of my body covered with your product produced a wonderful golden tan - I was amazed and am definitely a believer in your product! I love it! Thanks so much!" "I like Gold N Spf not only for the lavender scent but also for my sensitive skin" "Hi Jill,

I was out in the sun a few weeks ago and I literally looked like a lobster so red and sunburnt. I came into work on a Monday morning and Dawn Stewart took one look at me and asked what happened. I was out in the sun for two hours and that's when she told me to try Gold N Spf sunscreen. I took a sample home and the following weekend I was out in the sun again and used the sunscreen. What a difference I came in the house and had a golden brown tan not sunburnt and I was in the sun again for two hours. My mom and two cousins tried this and loved this product so much that I ended up buying three large bottles of this.

I love this product and have everyone in my family using as well. I now just recently got my husband to try this over the weekend and he loves it as well. Its not greasy and smells very nice and I like the fact that it's a moisturizer too.

Thank you," "As very fair redhead 15 spf sounds like it would not be strong enough - but believe me it is! This is the best stuff around." "My favorite thing about this sunscreen is that it doesn't feel like a sunscreen at all. It's not thick and sticky and you don't have to worry about spreading it exactly even or you'll end up with a hand print on your back. It's a high quality lotion that absorbs into your skin and leaves it soft and smooth.

GoldinSPF15 has always given me an even tan. My golf buddies were very impressed, especially my friend who was getting married the next day and did not burn when they forgot sunscreen.

I love the lavender sent and how soft my skin feels after I have been wearing it. I have very sensitive skin and have been looking for a sunscreen like this for a while. After being in the sun for hours my skin is not red or sunburnt. What a great product!" "Finally, a sunscreen that will protect my fair skin without having to reapply constantly! I used Gold N SPF on a trip to Austin, TX in May. My first day out I was in the pool and/or playing volleyball for four hours straight between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. I only reapplied once and I did not burn at all! This product is AMAZING. I love the texture of it, how easily it is absorbed and the fresh lavender scent! I even used it on my face and did not break out from it. I will be buying this in bulk! I love your product!" "I recently got married in Florida and put Gold N Spf in each of my 75 guests' welcome bags. Everyone used the product all weekend and each raved about it. Only those guests who didn't use it got burned, and no telling what chemicals they put on their skin.

As an added benefit, my friend had a bottle in her purse at the wedding. Just as the sun went down and the mosquitos started biting, we applied a little Gold N Spf. The bugs didn't bother us again for the rest of the evening.

I threw out all of my old sunscreens and bug sprays. It's Gold N Spf for me from here on out." "Hi, Jill

Used the product for our Florida vacation and LOVED IT. I would say the sun protection was absolutely comparable to the chemical-laden SPF 55 that I formerly used on my very sun-sensitive skin. Plus, the emollient quality and fabulous botanical fragrance felt so healing and moisturizing. Despite being outdoors for an entire day, I didn't burn and my skin didn't have that parched feeling. Ordering more now for friends, yoga teacher and everyone who will help spread the word!"